Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Cut Hay

As mentioned, I cut hay Monday night. I was not ready or planning to, but "everyone else was doing it" so I caved. Now weather man has changed the report to possible showers on Friday and Saturday. Big surprise. It still should be enough time to get it dry and baled, depending on how wet the ground is.

It will be small square baled. The alfalfa came through pretty good this spring, so hopefully with an early cutting it will be a good stand all summer long.

And like the title says, I started after work. I got home at 4:45, moved eveything out of the barn, greased, checked tractor and haybine. Installed a couple new knives on the sickle bar, and put it back in the haybine. Started mowing at 6:00pm and finished at 9:00pm, in time to feed the cowes, grab a sandwich and head to bed.

Thankfully this year, I didn't "find" any deer, bunnies or cats while mowing. I'll leave you with a picture

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