Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Post

This is a totally new thing. Although I am not computer illiterate, I do not use the web for much more than simple searches and information gathering.

In the future this blog will be used for updating information on what is going on with our farm. We will probably leave much of the family information out, and focus on the farm, land, animals and equipment. This world is a crazy place, with crazy people (not that most consider me normal) and our family's privacy is still a high priority.

We have about 65 acres, 39 in tillable, 14 in hay, 10 in pasture, and 1-2 for the house and buildings. The house has property records back to the 1840.

We have 7 registered Angus cattle, 2 quarter ponies, a barn full of well fed cats, and a Cocker Spaniel dog named Henry.

I bit the bullet last night and mowed about 7 acres of alfalfa/clover/grass-weeds.

We'll see how right they are at predicting the weather.

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